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Our organization is a customer preferred service provider of all type of consultancy for real estate projects and also manufacturing and supplying high quality Clay Bricks, Fire Clay Bricks, Fly Ash Bricks, Eco Friendly Bricks, Cement Fly Ash Bricks, Building Fly Ash Bricks, Concrete Fly Ash Bricks, Industrial Fly Ash Bricks and various other products in central India. All these are manufactured using ultramodern brick developing machines, tools and instruments. Moreover, our production process is executed following international methods and industry standards & norms. After production, we properly quality test our products and then ensure their prompt delivery at client destination. This helps us in delivering perfect & quality products to the clients' preferred end without any damages.

Business Type Manufacturer , Trader , Supplier , Service Provider
Primary Competitive Advantages
  • On-time consignment delivery
  • Advanced production facility
  • Competitive prices
  • Experienced team of professionals
Product Range
  • Soil Bricks
  • Red Bricks
  • Clay Bricks
  • Fire Clay Bricks
  • Fly Ash Bricks
  • Eco Friendly Bricks
  • Cement Fly Ash Bricks
  • Building Fly Ash Bricks
  • Concrete Fly Ash Bricks
  • Industrial Fly Ash Bricks.

Quality of Fly-Ash Bricks:

  1. FLY-ASH Bricks are eco friendly as it protects environment through conservation of top soil and proper utilization of waste products generated by coal or lignite based Thermal Power Plants.
  2. It plays a critical role in the reduction of carbon dioxide, a harmful green house gas, mass emission of which causing irreparable damage to the earth's atmosphere.
  3. FLY-ASH Bricks are three times stronger than the conventional burnt clay bricks.
  4. Its size of 250 x120 x 75 mm is derived from the prevalent modular concept according perfect finish to both surfaces, which eventually result in saving of up to 30% cement mortar during laying and plastering thereby reducing the cost of construction.
  5. As no clay is used in manufacturing of FLY-ASH Bricks the chance of efflorescence is minimal.
  6. FLY-ASH Bricks continue to gain strength on watering even after laying.
  7. Loss-due to breakage under standard working condition is below one percent.
  8. Use of FLY-ash Bricks results in 100RFT -8.33sq ft each side, which increases the value of erected properties.
  9. Fly-Ash Bricks is lighter than the conventional clay bricks as it weigh around 3 to 3.2 Kgs per bricks.
  10. FLY-Ash Bricks are cheaper than ordinary First class Clay Brick and cost affective in use and environment friendly.

Comparison between Clay Bricks and Fly Ash Bricks

Clay Bricks

Fly Ash Bricks

Varying colour as per soil

Uniform pleasing colour like cement

Uneven shape as hand made

Uniform in shape and smooth in finish

Lightly bonded

Dense composition

Plastering required

No plastering required

Heavier in weight

Lighter in weight

Compressive strength is around 35 Kg/Cm2

Compressive strength is around 100 Kg/Cm2

More porous

Less porous

Thermal conductivity

1.25 1.35 W/m2 ºC

Thermal conductivity

0.90-1.05 W/m2 ºC

Water absorption 20-25%

Water absorption 6-12%

Bricks are one of the most important items of construction activities and constitute about 6% of the total cost of construction. The annual turnover of the industry is Rs. 8000 crores (Approx). With the restriction in use of clay in manufacturing of bricks, Fly Ash Brick is the best substitute. Growing awareness among the prospective and potential building construction agencies and consistent efforts by Govt. have led to the reduction of use of clay bricks. Fly Ash Bricks are being more frequently included as part of construction materials by various construction agencies.

With the change in people™s perception towards conventional clay bricks demand of Fly- Ash Bricks is gradually increasing day by day not only in the metropolitan cities but also in urban & rural sector. All construction works are dependent on bricks.

As a matter of fact, 180 billion tonnes of common burnt clay bricks are consumed annually. For manufacturing this much of clay bricks , approximately 340 billion tonnes of clay is used which directly results in the digging of about 5000 acres of top layer of soil. Thereby the conventional brick industry causes soil erosion, emission from coal burning or fire woods and deterioration of earths of top layer which are some of the grave consequences of clay bricks.

These problems can be reduced to some extent by using fly ash bricks in buildings or in any type of construction works. Demand for housing units are likely to rise to 80 million units by year 2015 for lower middle and low income groups involving an estimated investment of $670 billion. According to the reports of Association of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, India demand for housing units will further grow to 90 million by 2020, which would incur a minimum investment of $890 billion. The Indian housing sector at present faces a deficit of 20 million housing units for its lower middle and low income groups for which a rise upo to 22.5 million housing units by the end of Tenth Plan Period is expected. There is large scope for fly ash brick and block units.

During the rainy seasons ensuring steady supply of clay bricks is very challenging. Therefore, to meet the required demands there is an increasing need to establish more units of fly ash bricks.

FLY- ASH Bricks are low value and high volume product and transporting it distant places is uneconomical. This leads to fragmented market that are serviced by plants located in the vicinity. The housing construction segment is emitted to accounts for around 55% of the total bricks consumption in India and hence forms a critical segment for the brick industry. Bricks consumption has recorded a three- fold increase in last decade mainly due to step increase in demand from the housing segment Infrastructure and industrial construction from the other major consumer of the brick industry.

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